I Read The 4HWW and I Still Suck – WTF?!

First off let me emphasize how much I love the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Dan and Ian are next level for me when it comes to audio inspiration.tropicalmba

I read a bunch of their blog posts too but not really religiously. However, this post of Dan’s on the Tropical MBA blog is a really definitive piece for me. It has a permanent bookmark in my chrome browser, you don’t get that by being a random rambling.

He gives nine missteps which are the cause of your current failings and obviously you can work back from there and turn that ship around.

I especially like number 5 – “You refuse to use a phone to get clients and business.” – which I’m totally guilty of. Chris Ducker mentions it in the comments too.

Read it, reverse engineer it, and rule it!

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