I’ll be based in Kathmandu from July 2015 to July 2016, if anyone is in Kathmandu working online and finds this, give me a call, I’d love to grab a coffee or a beer!

If you are starting in the business of the vinyl, all what you need to have and learn about vinyl you can find it in vinylcuttingmachineguide.com.

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First off let me emphasize how much I love the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Dan and Ian are next level for me when it comes to audio inspiration.

I read a bunch of their blog posts too but not really religiously. However, this post of Dan’s on the Tropical MBA blog is a really definitive piece for me. It has a permanent bookmark in my chrome browser, you don’t get that by being a random rambling.

He gives nine missteps which are the cause of your current failings and obviously you can work back from there and

This is an amazing little video. If I’m ever struggling to pull things together or have lost perspective to some degree I like to come back to this.

My favorite line is ‘all wretch and no vomit’ – poetry!

Alan Watts wrote a ton of cool books on eastern religion and philosophy. He also studied Zen buddhism for a good period of his life. He was English and died in 1973. Check Amazon for his books, I recommend his autobiography – ‘In My Own Way’.

Follow your own weird!

So in the next couple of weeks I am off to Jordan. Awesome! I’ve never been to the Middle East so it’s new ground for me and I’m totally amped.

My girlfriend is working there for an aid organisation and I’m going along for the ride. I’ll keep working online making minimal dollars and will explore and take photos and live a new episode.

In honour of travelling light, hackpacker style,  I’m going to outline below exactly what I’m taking with me, bearing in mind I could be there for anything from 6 months to two years.

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