25 Travel Blog Post Ideas: Spice Up Your Blog!

For this post I’m going to break it down nice and simple with 25 travel blog post ideas.

I had to fire up my brain this afternoon to think of ideas for posts over the next few weeks and I thought I might as well share them with everyone.


Travel Blog Post Ideas

Remember to keep your headlines snappy and intriguing! I highly recommend using this Content Idea Generator, from Portent.com, to help you along the way.

Okay let’s go!

  1. 10 Must Have Lightweight Travel Items
  2. Bucket List: Top 10 Countdown of See-Before-I-Die Locations
  3. The Weirdest Country I’ve Ever Visited
  4. The Best Five Sandwiches I’ve Ever Eaten: Worldwide
  5. My Top 5 Scooter Days In Asia
  6. 15 Unexpected Uses For Flight Barf Bags
  7. The Flight Hacker’s Guide To Super Sleuth Flight Search
  8. It Did What?! 5 Amazing Hotel Bathroom Tales
  9. 3 Facts About Cheap Flights That No-One Ever Talks About
  10. The Beach Lover’s Guide To North Korea
  11. 8 Things Your Mom Never Told You About Mexican Taxis
  12. The Ultimate Backpack – 4 Features That I Need Someone To Invent
  13. The Future Of Noodles – An Intimate Portrait
  14. The Hidden Passport – Innovative Personal Security Solutions
  15. My Top 3 Three Travel Robberies And The Shady Cops Involved
  16. If We Only Ate Rice From Here On Out, How Many More Countries Could We Visit?
  17. Why Travel Is So Much Easier Now I Have A Passport Chip In My Arm
  18. Scandinavia Is The New South-East Asia!
  19. 9 Airport Hacks That I Wish Someone Told Me 5 Years Ago
  20. My All Time Top 10 Street Stalls: Worldwide
  21. The Worst Coffee’s I’ve Ever Had And Why I’d Drink Them Again
  22. Top 10 Worst Ever Countries To Buy A Delicious Latte
  23. Flight Search Ninja Tricks – Secret Sauce For Your Seeking!
  24. Why Mexico And Thailand Should Share A Border And How I’m Going To Make It Happen
  25. Taking Photos Of Policemen Is Fun And 100% Safe!


Travel Blog Post Ideas


Okay so I know they’re a bit weird and quirky but they’re designed for inspirations sake and I’m sure one or two will give you a great idea for a post that you could write yourself.

Maybe they’ll even inspire a weird adventure of your own!

If you enjoyed this list please share it and definitely leave me a comment below with your own weird post ideas…

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